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Kodiak Island Deer  Hunting Trips

Kodiak Island adventures offers Unguided drop off Deer Hunting Trips for Kodiak Sitka deer starting in mid October with the peak Sitka deer hunting occurring in late Nov through December.

 Kodiak Island Deer Hunting  

The deer hunting can be challenging but most hunters will see 3-7 deer each day with a few hunters spotting up to 20 deer ina single day, Kodiak Island is thich and brushy along the hill sides but once you hike up through it the tops are pretty open and gives the hunter great visibility to spot Sitka Deer. If Sitka deer are what your after give us a call as we can put you on the deer.

Unguided Kodiak Island Sitka Deer hunting Trips 

  Kodiak Island Adventures offers 100% unguided Sitka deer hunts, We offer our hunters a live aboard hunt with all transportation, meals and lodging while on the boat. Once we drop you off you are on your own without any help from the boat except in case of an emergency as by law we cannot aid or assist you while in the field. Only transport you to your hunting location of your choice. Each group of hunters will be given a hand held radio and a flare in case of emergencies. So we can locate you quickly if nessacary. We allow non resident hunters to harvest 2 deer on our trips.  


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Kodiak Island Adventures Deer hunting~Duck Hunting~Brown Bear Hunting Larsen bay Alaska

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